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Parenting Cards
저에게 동생이 생겼어요!
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동생이 생긴 우리 아이는 어떤 심정일까요?

두 아이 육아는 한 아이 육아랑 '완전히' 다르다는 말이 많지요. 첫째 맘 헤아려주랴, 둘째 키우랴.. 그야말로 쉽지 않은 여정입니다. #대신보람은2배

Please Note
All content on Chai's Play is for all caregivers of children. The main caregivers of children can vary from fathers, mothers, grandparents, and babysitters, depending on each family's situation. However, it is noted as 'Mom' for convenience in the content. This is not to imply that mothers should primarily raise children. Please understand this context.
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