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Daily Play
Mom as the Play-by-Play Announcer
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Children learn to make sounds by mimicking their parents' speech and language patterns. Even if your child doesn't respond, continuously talking about what you're doing or describing their feelings helps with their language development and has a positive effect on attachment formation.
Development Area: Emotion/Social
Age: Age 0
Play Materials
It's an easy activity that requires no special materials.
How to Play

Diaper Changing
1. Tell your child that their diaper is wet.
2. Describe the process as you change the diaper.
3. Talk about how they might feel after getting a fresh diaper.

1. When your baby shows signs of hunger, acknowledge their feelings.
2. Describe the process of preparing the bottle.
3. Talk about your baby drinking the milk.
4. After feeding, describe how they might be feeling.

Play Dialogue Tips
"Chai, it looks like your diaper is wet. Mommy will change it for you."
"Mommy is taking out your diaper now, Chai."
(Changing the baby's diaper) "Alright, Chai, let's change your diaper now!"
"Chai, you must have felt uncomfortable with a wet diaper. Let's get you into a fresh one~"
"Chai, how do you feel with a fresh diaper? Seeing your big smile, you must be feeling good~"
Please Note
  1. All content on Chai's Play is for all caregivers of children. The main caregivers of children can vary from fathers, mothers, grandparents, and babysitters, depending on each family's situation. However, it is noted as 'Mom' for convenience in the content. This is not to imply that mothers should primarily raise children. Please understand this context.
  2. The rate of growth and development of babies can vary based on individual circumstances. There may be times when it is difficult to play the suggested games with your child right away, so we provide play tips for early developmental stimulation for your reference.
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