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Daily Play
I love you with all my heart
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Physical contact with a baby helps form a secure attachment and provides emotional stability.
Development Area: Emotion/Social
Age: Age 0
Play Materials
It's an easy activity that requires no special materials.
How to Play

1. Support your baby's neck with your palm and hold them against your left shoulder.
2. Lean your upper body slightly back to ensure the baby doesn't fall.
3. With the hand supporting the baby's neck, gently stroke from their head to their bottom.
4. Warmly hug your baby and whisper "I love you" in their ear.
5. Switch sides and hold your baby against your right shoulder.
6. Gently stroke from their head to their bottom and whisper "I love you" in their ear again.

Play Dialogue Tips
(Holding the baby) "Chai, how about a cuddle with mommy?"
"You're getting so big already, Chai!"
(Stroking from head to bottom) "Grow up strong and healthy~"
(Whispering in the ear) "I love you, Daddy loves you so much~"
(While holding the baby's hand) "Look at those tiny fingers, you're so precious!"
(Before bedtime) "It's time to rest now. Sweet dreams, my little one."
Chai's Play Tips

⊳ You can also gently pat.
If you've been stroking from the head to the bottom, try switching to patting.
Using various methods like stroking and patting, you can enjoy the playtime longer and bond more with your baby through different types of physical contact.

Please Note
  1. All content on Chai's Play is for all caregivers of children. The main caregivers of children can vary from fathers, mothers, grandparents, and babysitters, depending on each family's situation. However, it is noted as 'Mom' for convenience in the content. This is not to imply that mothers should primarily raise children. Please understand this context.
  2. The rate of growth and development of babies can vary based on individual circumstances. There may be times when it is difficult to play the suggested games with your child right away, so we provide play tips for early developmental stimulation for your reference.
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